Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Craftier Side

This year I have started to explore my craftier side.  I got a Cricut for Christmas and it has inspired me so much. 
I started by making hair bow holders.  I wanted to get one for my cousin but didn’t want to spend $50, so I made one for a little over $10.
I actually have step-by-step pictures on how to do this, that I will put up here one day.
I have also done glass etching, which I don’t think I have any pics of.
And I have discovered a love for power tools. Smile
Using those power tools I built a corn hole set, again because any one I found was really expensive and I thought I could make it for less. We spent about $40 on supplies and I couldn’t find one for less than $130.P5212047P5212048
And I have done a lot of stuff to get ready for my brother’s wedding this summer. 
I designed and made shower invites.  P5252164
I also designed the rehearsal invites and the programs, but I won’t show those off until after the wedding. Smile
One of the things I love most that I have done is the Bradshaw sign I made them as a shower gift.  I took the pics from around our farm. It’s on the right of the picture.
I also planned a big family BBQ for them.  You can see part of the décor in the pic above.
  DSCN0376More Décor


Boot and hat shaped sugar cookies

The cupcakes I made with an close up of the boot cupcake picks I made.

DSCN0377The thing I am most proud of… My very first attempt at cake decorating. 


The dessert section of the table.

Well that’s all for now.

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